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At Bloomers, our Customer Loyalty Program rewards both our long standing customers and those new to the Bloomer’s Experience!

Here’s how it works:
For every $10.00 spent on non-discounted, living plant products, customers earn one “Bloomer’s Buck”. Bloomer’s Bucks are earned from July 1st through June 30th of each year and have a two (2) week redemption period. The redemption period runs the last week in July and through the first week in August. Bloomer’s Bucks earned after July 1st are redeemable the following year.

Bloomer’s Bucks:

For example:
You spent a total of $357.00 at Bloomer’s on qualifying plant purchases (before June 30th of the current year). Therefore, you would earn $36.00 in “Bloomer’s Bucks” to spend on any qualifying plant purchase of your choice during the redemption period (the last Saturday in July through the second Saturday in August). One hundred percent of your “Bloomer’s Bucks” value would go toward the purchase price during this period. Customers are responsible for the sales tax on their purchases.

Bloomer's does NOT send out reminders – so please mark your calendars! At Bloomer’s, we value our loyal customers and hope you find this program useful and fun!

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